Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Beginning of Frogspace

For those of you who are confused by this recent "in joke," I'm here to dispell all confusion. :D
Frogspace started when I recieved a package of a few parts from Gladius (for my help with Next-Gen), which contained a lone dark bley frog. I thought to myself, since this is my only frog, I should give it a name! And so the first word that came to me was Cake. And so my frog became Cake. I also thought that since Cake was so special, he deserved a nice fancy chair. So I then proceded to build a chair (which would later become the chair of Trusty Navigator, since Cake was too small for it, and looked silly). While building the chair, I decided that Cake should be a captain, and thus, Frogspace was born.

The End. (although it is only the beginning!)

For more Frogspace, see the Flickr group.

(Oh, also check out the blog's new background :o)