Sunday, July 22, 2007

Lightly Salted

Jerac socks it to us in the face with another microscale ship, the ST Vicious Destroyer, and this time it's taaan. Mmm tan. It looks like it could eat smaller ships alive. It's covered in tons of cool little details, and although the greebs are in different colors, Jerac manages to pull it all together quite nicely.

This also reminds me. For anyone that has used custom stickers before, what's the best/your favorite kind of sticker paper to use? Do you have to do anything special to the print settings? I'm curious to try this myself.

Something else relatively new, Brent Skadan builds once more! He escapes from his mini-darkage with his new Moon Bat, a sleeker, more awesome version of his previous Flying Mouse. My favorite part on this one is the airbrakes, which are connected in a unique fashion. Brent, I am once again impressed by your unholy amount of tiles.

And I built something too! Gasp. The Naavi is an old luxury liner that was stolen by pirates/outlaws and refitted with weapons... lots and lots of them. (Actually this is just my excuse to put weapons on it. >.>)

Anyway, yeah.


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