Friday, July 20, 2007

I Has a Blog

Yes, that's right folks. Another lego blog. :P
(Sorry Moyblik. I wanted to have my own place to do stuff, so I made my own. Can we steel be freends? D:)

Anyway. By this time I'm sure you know that Brickshelf is back up, offering "Featured Accounts" for $5 a month (that's $60 for one year). Now, I'm sure you're thinking that's a pretty steep price to pay, but wait! You get amazing features such as no ads and greater visibility (whatever that means).

I really am glad that Brickshelf is back from the dead, and I will continue to host my pictures there, especially since I always had backups of mine, so if it were to go down again for reals I would be okay. However, I can't say I trust it anymore. Also, there is no way that I'm going to pay $60 bucks a year for such small benifits. Compare it to Flickr. For just $25 a year on Flickr, you get tons of added stuff, such as an unlimited number of photos and sets, being able to create up to 60 groups, larger "all sizes" images... and I know there's more than that. See for yourself.

Now I do believe it is time for some laygoes.

Recently, there have been quite a few awesome post-apocalyptic dioramas. The first one, by CarterBaldwin, is my favorite of them. (Although it lacks the funny factor of Kcaster's) It's a little rough on the base, but the gun is very well built, and no post-apocalyptic diorama is complete without a broken telephone pole.

The next two dios are from Kcaster, both depicting scenes from post-apocalyptic Britain. I love both of them, and the second one would be especially cool once the technical golf cart is added. No matter what the conditions, you can't stop a good British man from having his tea, or from playing a good game of golf. ;)

And to end my first post, a shameless plug. This is my S-R/LA "Basilisk" Helicopter. I know it's a little rough, but I'm happy with it. And I'm glad to be reasured by wuntztwice that it's chances of getting off the ground are greater than I thought.



Lukas said...

Yeah, we can still be fwends :D

Mike said...

You rat deserting a sinking ship. Just cause Moyblik was doing cwappy. Nah, really it's all cool. I think Moyblik may jusy be coming to a grinding halt.

Brenden said...


Andrew B. said...

Link'd and via'd in one fell swoop.

Unit 186 said...

Coolio! I got a Blogger account.

Chris said...

Neat that you have a blog now, I'll try to stop by every once-and-a-while.

I'm also really glad I could help out with your Basilik Heli, or rather, that I could help reassure you of it's possible working-ness, etc.